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Our structure

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Our structure

ADI is an incubator and home for innovative large-scale research groupings.  

Centres and the UNESCO Chair

Centre for Contemporary Histories (CCH)  

Since January 2023, the Centre for Contemporary Histories (CCH) has been located in the Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation (ADI). It is a dynamic, diverse and distinctive research centre that delivers and translates high-quality research into outcomes that are relevant and meaningful to contemporary society. Since it was established in 2015, CCH has become a critical research body to understand the uses of history in public debate and the unfinished business of the modern past. It brings together more than 50 researchers working on topics ranging from Australia’s Indigenous past, the material transmission of culture, and religious change in Australia, to the political uses of history, revolution in Europe and modern Pacific history. 

Centre for Resilient and Inclusive Societies (CRIS)  

CRIS is an independent think-tank involving a number of university and civil society partners, led by the Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation (ADI), and hosted by Deakin University. The centre undertakes research on some of the most complex challenges that our society is facing – racism, societal division, systemic bias and disadvantage, economic inequities, extremism and discrimination. The centre’s team is passionate about creating meaningful social change and produces robust evidence and rigorous analysis that shapes policies for social inclusion and resilience and supports people and communities working in these fields. 

The UNESCO Chair for Comparative Research on Cultural Diversity and Social Justice  

Since 2013 ADI has also been host to the UNESCO Chair for Comparative Research on Cultural Diversity and Social Justice. Premised on a social justice and human rights-based approach, the Chair’s agenda contributes to capacity building in the key areas of governance, education, and the management of cultural diversity – both in Australia and internationally. The Chair-holder and his team initiate and coordinate collaborative research on youth from vulnerable communities and involving less developed countries, focussing on the critical questions of marginalisation, social exclusion, identity formation, discrimination, radicalisation, violence and security. 

Thematic Research Programs

ADI’s four Thematic Research Programs generate tangible outcomes, spark new and innovative research orientations, build disciplinary and interdisciplinary excellence, and connect world-leading thinkers with ADI’s emerging research talent. Our Thematic Research Programs are the internal structure around which our research agenda is built. They foster opportunities for collaboration, project development and mentoring among members and students with shared research interests and priorities. 


Our research networks – traversing disciplinary, methodological and geographical boundaries – drive ADI’s collaborations across faculties, institutions and borders. Running internal and public-facing programs, ADI networks amplify the Institutes expertise to target audiences. 

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