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Australian Geographer editorial co-led by Dr Laura Rodriguez Castro

Australian Geographer editorial co-led by Dr Laura Rodriguez Castro

Australian Geography special Issue editorial by ADI Research Fellow Laura Rodriguez Castro et al. ‘Editorial introduction: geography and collective memories through art’

Art’ and ‘memory’ are prominent areas of inquiry in geographical research. Artistic and memory work often overlap in our studies through practices and processes aimed at bringing people together in experimental, affective, and collective ways. In this introduction to the special issue of Australian Geographer, ADI Research Fellow Dr Laura Rodriguez Castro et al. reflect on the histories, inspirations, and future trajectories of these intersecting concerns in geographical research.

Their reflections stem from collective participation and discussions of issues at the intersections of art, memory and geographical research, during an online workshop and their individual-and-collective reflections later through the process of writing this piece.

The authors hope the discussions further interest on the possibilities for creative, collaborative, and decolonial interventions to memory in geography. And, incidentally, that this editorial may be of interest for future research into the value and practices of collective geographic scholarship.

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