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Call for Abstracts Now Open for ADI’s 2024 Conference

Call for Abstracts Now Open for ADI’s 2024 Conference

We are delighted to invite you to submit an abstract for ADI’s 2024 Conference: Remaking Futures: Justice, Equality and Global Flourishing. The conference will be held 25-26 November, in-person at the Deakin Burwood Corporate Centre, and online.    

Keynote panelists include Professor Loretta Baldassar (Edith Cowan University) and Professor Pam Nilan (Deakin University). 

Conference Synopsis

The global community has over the last few years alone seen an unprecedented series of crises that have posed significant challenges to policymakers and practitioners. From the COVID-19 pandemic and its devastating impacts on local communities and the global economy, to climate-related floods and bushfires, to rapid changes to the ways we work and connect, and most recently the escalating conflicts engulfing many regions in particular the Middle East and Eastern Europe. These challenges exacerbate polarizing tensions and instability at the global level, but are also a call to remake politics, society and economy in ways that support equality and justice.  Scholars in the humanities and social sciences (HASS) have important contributions to make in finding solutions and remaking futures that support global flourishing.   

This conference aims to engage with these urgent issues from the perspective of robust HASS research. The pandemic, climate crisis, technological change and regional/global geo-political tensions are all sites where sociopolitical understandings are essential to make real change. The conference will provide a unique platform to engage with and discuss the role of HASS research in unpacking critically these important debates and in providing empirical evidence for carefully calibrated policy responses.    

We welcome abstracts that address the following themes:  

  • Migration, diversity and the future of mobility  

  • Climate change and sustainability  

  • Indigenous rights and the challenge of recognition and justice  

  • Public health crises and the social implications  

  • Technology and digital transformation  

  • Justice and power in international relations  

Abstracts Key Dates and Information

  • Opening date for submission: Tuesday, 11 June 2024  

  • Closing date for submission: Thursday, 25 July 2024  

  • Abstract outcome notification: Monday, 26 August 2024  

  • Registration open: Monday, 26 August 2024 


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