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Conference examines challenges posed by populism in modern democracies

Conference examines challenges posed by populism in modern democracies

The ‘After Liberalism? Populism and the Future of Democracy’ conference last week brought together leading scholars across the disciplines of Politics and International Relations to Deakin for ADI’s flagship annual international conference.

Over 100 researchers and practitioners from around the world gathered at Deakin Downtown on 20-22 November for presentations on the conference’s core themes of populism, global governance, security, immigration, foreign policy and more.

Professor John Keane (University of Sydney) delivers his keynote speech, ‘The New Populism and the Refusals of Civil Society’.

In addition to the over 60 presentations over the three days, participants heard from keynote speakers Professor Ruth Wodak (Lancaster University, UK), Professor John Keane (University of Sydney, Australia), Professor Tamir Bar-On (Monterrey Institute of Technology, Mexico), and Professor Catherine Wihtol de Wenden (Sciences Po, France).

There was robust discussion about the nature and very definition of populism in modern democracies, as well as the intersections between populism and a range of related issues including diversity, climate change and religion.

For a full list of presentations, download the ‘After Liberalism’ Schedule and Book of Abstracts. Video recordings of the keynote speeches and plenary panels will be available on the ADI YouTube channel in the coming weeks. Photos from the conference can be found on ADI’s Flickr.


The conference was convened by A/Prof Benjamin Isakhan, Dr Peter Ferguson, Dr Amy Nethery, Dr Maria Rae and A/Prof Steven Slaughter from the Alfred Deakin Institute, and supported by the University of Sunshine Coast, the Australian Institute for International Affairs, and the French Embassy in Australia.

To find out more about upcoming events and research in the fields of politics and international relations, visit the Polis Research Network website.

‘After Liberalism’ was the third conference in ADI’s flagship annual international conference series, having previously organised the ’50 Years of Naming Institutional Racism: Realising racial equity or intensifying injustices?’ and ‘Youth Futures: Connection and mobility in the Asia-Pacific’ conferences.

The ADI flagship conference series tackle issues and themes core to the Institute’s research agenda. Stay tuned for details regarding the fourth iteration in 2020.


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