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ADI Lunchtime Seminar – Public Discussion on Sudan: Civil War and Its Implications

ADI Lunchtime Seminar – Public Discussion on Sudan: Civil War and Its Implications

Event Venue:

Deakin Burwood Corporate Centre 221 Burwood HighwayBurwood, VIC, 3125, Australia ( Map )

Please join us on Wednesday 19 July for our next ADI Lunchtime Seminar “Public Discussion on Sudan: Civil War and Its Implications” with Mrs. Akuc Deng, Dr. Marial Mach Aduot, Dr. William Abur, Dr. Mark Deng and Mr. David Leek. 

The ADI lunchtime seminars are an opportunity for a relaxed, informal, monthly discussion of current research projects and recent publications over a 60-minute lunch session. The researcher/s speaks for 20-30 minutes followed by 20-30 minutes of Q&A discussion.  

We invite contributions from any researcher, or team of researchers, associated with ADI, from proposed and in-progress projects through to completed research and publications. ECRs are especially welcome.  


Sudan plunged into a civil war on 15 April 2023, resulting in the loss of many lives, displacement of thousands of people and destruction of the country’s infrastructure.  The war is a culmination of many factors, notably power struggle between Sudan’s two military leaders: General Abdel Fattah el-Buran of the Sudan Armed Forces and General Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo of the Rapid Support Forces – a de facto type of military unit. Multiple ceasefires have been signed but none has held. The war represents acute humanitarian crisis. In a public briefing organised by Deakin University, South Sudanese academics and doctoral students will be on a panel to discuss the war in Sudan and its implications, especially for neighbouring countries like South Sudan. This will be followed by a Q&A session. 


Mrs. Akuc Deng (PhD Candidate): Currently an educator and a researcher at MCRI in Intergenerational health with a focus on stillbirth prevention. She is also a PhD Candidate conducting research in higher education, with a focus on gender, migrant and refugee women access, participation, and success in higher education. She holds a Bachelor’s degree of Education (Midd/Sec), a Bachelor of Arts (Australian Studies) and a Master of Education.  

Dr. Marial Mach Aduot: Currently an academic researcher with expertise in Security Sector Reform (SSR) in fragile states. His research focused on post-war politics, states’ challenges in managing small arms and reintegrating ex-combatants. He is also an independent consultant on informal armies, peace and state–building. Marial works as a program manager at Multicultural Youth Support Services, focusing on after-school programs, domestic violence and youth justice. Marial also holds a bachelor’s in politics, a master’s degree in international relations and a master’s in politics and policy from Deakin University.  

Dr. William Abur: Currently is a lecturer in social work and researcher at the University of Melbourne. He holds a Bachelor of Social Work, a master’s degree in international and Community Development, a PhD in refugee resettlement from Victoria University, and a Graduate Certificate of Higher Education (Learning and Teaching) from Deakin University.  

Dr. Mark Deng: Presently a McKenzie Postdoctoral Research Fellow at The University of Melbourne. He researches in South Sudanese public law, the relationship between peacebuilding and constitution-making in emerging states, and South Sudanese customary law and practices. 

Mr. David Leek (PhD Candidate): Currently a Casual Academic at Deakin University, Faculty of Arts and Education. He is also a PhD Candidate in Political Science focusing on the forced displacement and transnationalism of diaspora South Sudanese in Australia. David holds a Bachelor of Social Sciences (Security and Int’l Relations) from Swinburne University, a master’s degree in politics and policy, a GradDip in Professional Political Practice, a GradDip in Int’l Relations, and GradCert in Int’l and Community Development from Deakin University, Australia.  


Our speakers will be presenting in-person at the Deakin Burwood Corporate Centre (BCC) but you can also join us via Zoom.

Meeting ID: 839 2707 3754, please email for password.


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