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Combatting fake news during COVID-19

Combatting fake news during COVID-19

This seminar explores the efforts of government and nongovernment agencies’ to combat an infodemic of misinformation during COVID-19 in Asia.

COVID-19 pandemic has a competitor, and that is fake news.

Unverified, misleading and false information related to the novel corona-virus has been spreading around the world.

On the one hand, governments across the World are instituting interventionist steps to stem the proliferation of misleading information and rumours. On the other hand, a number of news media, philanthropic and government agencies have been funding fact-checking activities with a mission to discredit unverified information being created and shared on social platforms.

This seminar focuses on government regulations and fact-checking efforts in some of the countries in Asia to protect people from the adverse impact of inaccurate information.



Ms Surabhi Malik: Former journalist, a fact-checking expert (, India. )

Dr James Gomez: Regional Director, Asia Centre (Bangkok, Thailand and Johor Bahru, Malaysia).

Dr Usha M. Rodrigues: Senior Lecturer in Communication, Deakin University


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