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CRADLE and SSN Seminar: Paradox of Data Sourcing in Contemporary Healthcare

CRADLE and SSN Seminar: Paradox of Data Sourcing in Contemporary Healthcare

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Join us to hear from Prof Klaus Hoeyer, University of Copenhagen, Denmark and Prof Mark Davis, Monash University on healthcare data sourcing.


We are pleased to announce, in conjunction with Deakin’s Science and Society Network and Monash University’s Associate Professor Mark Davis, that Professor Klaus Hoeyer, Centre for Medical Science and Technology Studies, Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen will present an analysis of the politics of intensified data sourcing in healthcare as it unfolds in Denmark, in our first seminar for 2023.

In this talk Professor Hoeyer will share the perspectives of different stakeholders, from epidemiologists to hospital managers, from patients to physicians, by analysing the social dynamics set in motion by data intensification and calling special attention to that which cannot be easily coded in a database.

In contemporary healthcare, everybody seems to want more data, of higher quality, on more people, and to use this data for a wider range of purposes. In theory, such pervasive data collection should lead to a healthcare system in which data can quickly, efficiently, and unambiguously be interpreted and provide better care for patients, more efficient administration, enhanced options for research, and accelerated economic growth. In practice, however, data are difficult to interpret and the many purposes sometimes undermine one another. We need new analytical tools to understand why, and to make better use of data.

The talk serves to present his new book by the same title (MIT Press, 2023), and will be followed by an interactive Q&A mediated by CRADLE’s Professor Margaret Bearman. Klaus’s new book discusses why healthcare cannot—and should not—become data-driven, despite the many promises of intensified data sourcing.


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