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Global South Reading Group – July 2022

Global South Reading Group – July 2022

Please join us for the next meeting of the Global South Working Unit’s reading group, 1pm Friday July 29. We will be reading Warwick Anderson’s “Finding Decolonial Metaphors in Postcolonial Histories”, selected by Vanessa Barolsky.

Here is the citation if you would like to source it yourself (and contribute to the author’s download metrics): Anderson, W., 2020. 8. Finding Decolonial Metaphors in Postcolonial Histories. History and Theory, 59(3), pp.430-438

 New participants always welcome. If you have joined us recently, it might be helpful to see a list of what the group has read so far, also attached. (please get in touch if you have trouble locating any of these). Suggestions for an August reading also welcome.

Meeting Details

Please find the Zoom link here.

Contact for the password.


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