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Nietzsche: The Aristocratic Rebel

Nietzsche: The Aristocratic Rebel

(co-hosted with Philosophy@Deakin)

Polis Virtual Conference:

–          Prof Robert C. Holub (Ohio State University)

–          Prof Ronald Beiner (University of Toronto)

–          Dr Martin A. Ruehl (University of Cambridge)

–          Prof Vanessa Lemm (Deakin University)

–          And several more…

This virtual conference, hosted over 3 days, brings together leading global experts to discuss the recent English translation of Domenico Losurdo’s book: Nietzsche: The Aristocratic Rebel (Brill, 2020).

Wednesday 24 to Friday 26 February 2021.

To find out more details, please visit this website or contact A/Prof Matt Sharpe on


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