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Talk Series on Sharp Power: The Chinese Community Party’s International Networks

Talk Series on Sharp Power: The Chinese Community Party’s International Networks

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Public and cultural diplomacy are hugely employed by global powers to project their soft powers. In the hands of autocratic regimes, these concepts have been instrumentalized to serve autocratic interests. Such autocratic regimes have widely used the concepts of public diplomacy and cultural diplomacy to achieve their foreign policy objectives.

Sharp Power is a new concept that emphasizes the policy transition from “soft” to “hard” in a global/local context. Chris Walker and Jessica Ludwig defined sharp power as authoritarian influence techniques used by countries such as China and Russia that, while not openly coercive, are also not “soft.”

The European Centre for Populism Studies (Brussels), in collaboration with the Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalization (ADI), and Deakin University (Melbourne), is proud to announce a new Talk Series on the topic of Sharp Power. These series aim to explore and broaden the existing scholarship on ‘sharp power,’ an innovative and emerging field of research.

This week we will host Dr. J. (Julia) Bader to discuss The Chinese Community Party’s International Networks. Professor Ihsan Yilmaz will moderate the talk.

This talk will take place at 11 am (CET) on Wednesday 23 November 2022. The event is open to online audiences around the globe, please feel free to join and be part of a vibrant discussion.

You can also watch the live being live-streamed on YouTube
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