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Funding Success – Greg Barton and Matteo Vergani

Funding Success – Greg Barton and Matteo Vergani

Congratulations to Professor Greg Barton and Dr Matteo Vergani from ADI who have secured funding from the Department of Home Affairs for a project titled “SEAN-CSO 2022”.

Project Description

Since mid 2016, Prof Barton and Dr Vergani have been leading the South East Asian Network of Civil Society Organisations (SEAN-CSO) working against violent extremism initiative. This project has been funded, to date, via seven successive annual contracts between Deakin University and the Attorney General’s Department (in 2016 ad 2017) and the Department of Home Affairs (in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022). The Network arose as a direct outcome of the 2015 Sydney Countering Violent Extremism Summit, and it has been endorsed by regional governments. The Network receives funding from the Australian Government, and is operated independently by Australia’s Deakin University.

By sharing experiences, developing knowledge and evaluating initiatives, the Network fosters peer-to-peer learning and partnerships, and seeks to improve the quality of C/PVE programs and initiatives. This is intended to enhance the role of CSOs in, and build the capacity of, security and justice systems to address violent extremism.

Specific topics that the project proposes to address in 2022, are sharing and consolidating lessons learned and best practices in relation to building:

  1. Social cohesion and resilience to hateful extremism in the context of COVID-19;

  2. Durable e-learning created by SEAN-CSO members for SEAN-CSO members;

  3. Capacities to conduct effective online campaigns;

  4. Tackling different forms of extremism, including jihadist extremism, toxic nationalism and hateful extremism, Buddhist extremism;

  5. Sharing best practices and lessons learned via the SEAN-CSO communication channels;

  6. Improving the quantity and quality of online communications for members, and among members.

For more information about this project, click here.


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