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The Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation (ADI) is a leading humanities and social sciences research institute based at Deakin University, Australia. Our researchers aim to understand the complex meanings of citizenship, social inclusion and globalisation, and investigate the imp



 The International Conference on Citizen and Community Media (ICCCM) is an international forum on the enhancement of citizen and community media enterprises through new approaches and technologies.

Our supporters and project partners are actively involved in citizen and community media throughout the world.

A selection of photos and podcasts from the ICCCM:


94.7 FM Podcast: Day 1 at the Citizen and Community Media International Conference


94.7FM Podcast: Day 2 at the Citizen and Community Media International Conference

Selected media engagement from our partners:

Metro Construction Cripples Hosur Road

A South Bangalore resident ponders over the dismal state of commuting infrastructure


Intersex and transgender people need reservations advocates report

CLPR’s policy brief provides framework for providing reservations to Transgender and Intersex persons

Long-neglected Varthur lake awaits rejuvenation

What was once a sprawling lake is currently in dire straits and in urgent need for resuscitation

5 ways to nudge people to using public transport

With Bangalore having one of the largest vehicle owning population in the country, bicycle mayor Sathya Sankaran shares different ways by which we can make public transport a priority