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Migration, Refugees and Identity Politics

Migration, Refugees and Identity Politics

We welcomed Tasneem Chopra, Lydia Khalil, Shiri Krebs and David Manne to join our policy forum panel, ‘Refugees, migration and identity politics’, to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing Australian society in a period of unparalleled migration and mobility.

Each bringing their unique perspectives, expertise and experience in the fields of migration, diversity and interculturalism, the panel members spoke authoritatively on a wide range of issues including asylum seeker and refugee policy, multiculturalism, national security and responsible political discourse.

Watch the full panel below:

Tasneem Chopra is the Chairperson of the Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights, Lydia Khalil is a Research Fellow in the West Asia Program at the Lowy Institute, Shiri Krebs is a Senior Lecturer in the Deakin Law School, and David Manne is the Executive Director of Refugee Legal.

The forum was held on 28 May at Deakin Downtown and moderated by ADI’s Professor Greg Barton. To receive notifications of upcoming events, please subscribe to our newsletter.


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