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New issue of the open-access 'Journal of Citizenship and Globalisation Studies'


The latest issue of the Journal of Citizenship and Globalisation Studies explores themes of religion, intercultural dialogue (ICD) and various angles of the multicultural and diasporic experience.

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  • Gary Bouma expounds the need for ICD to encompass interreligious dialogue, including formal and less formal  − or lived ­− religions, particularly in attempts to reduce conflict and terror.

  • Examining ICD and religion specifically in the European context, Paul Morris also argues for the need to include religion in ICD practices, suggesting it has been subsumed by ideas of culture more broadly, but needs a distinct attention for successful ICD.

  • Geoffrey Brahm Levey looks at ICD in the Australian context; drawing on two political case studies, he asks the question does multiculturalism inhibit ICD?

  • Staying in Australia, Georgina Tsolidis explores how representations of China and Chineseness in the context of its growing global significance may perpetuate historical narratives of Sinophobia, evident since the nineteenth century.

  • Daniella Trimboli zooms in on the diasporic experience of Italo-Australians through her examination of a digital story telling project.

  • And Helen Kim examines the diasporic experience in Berlin, looking at how Korean-Germans construct a multiracial identity, challenging racism and traditional ideas of ‘Germanness’.

The open-access Journal of Citizenship and Globalisation Studies is the flagship journal for the Alfred Deakin Institute, its Editor-in-chief is Director Professor Fethi Mansouri.

Matthew Guy