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The Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation (ADI) is a leading humanities and social sciences research institute based at Deakin University, Australia. Our researchers aim to understand the complex meanings of citizenship, social inclusion and globalisation, and investigate the imp

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Rethinking the ‘age of the human’

By all accounts, you’ll be hearing the word “Anthropocene” more and more, especially as universities around the world are starting to host “Anthropocene Campuses.” But what does it mean?

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CESMatthew Guy
Defying Destruction

Prosecuting crimes such as genocide and cultural destruction is difficult, but the same techniques used to digitally preserve heritage can also be used to provide evidence of its destruction.

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Free speech or public harm?

Recent actual and cancelled appearances by Steve Bannon raise questions about traditional approaches to knowledge generation, writes Deakin philosopher Dr Patrick Stokes.

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Matthew Guy
Facts help overcome prejudice

Having more factual knowledge of Islam and contact with Muslims is linked to less prejudice against Muslims, according to a new study.

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ReligionTara Brennan