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Policy Forum: Recognition, Justice and Hope for Our Youth

Policy Forum: Recognition, Justice and Hope for Our Youth

On Tuesday 17 September, we hosted our second Alfred Deakin Institute Policy Forum for 2019 with panellists Muriel Bamblett AO and Justin Mohamed, moderated by Visiting Professor Jon Altman.

The Uluru Statement’s call for a ‘First Nations Voice’ in the Australian Constitution and a ‘Makarrata Commission’ to supervise a process of ‘agreement-making’ and ‘truth-telling’ between government and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples puts a spotlight on a critical element in finding a way forward in one of the most profound, complex and enduring challenges facing modern Australia.

Without political, cultural and social recognition we will neither succeed in ‘closing the gap’ nor arrive at a true understanding of what it means to be Australian. Sustainable and just development in remote Australia, tragically high rates of detention, chronic poor health, youth suicide and endemic racism cannot be adequately addressed unless we face up to past and present injustice, a wilful ignorance of Australia’s deep and recent histories, and the urgent need to face both difficult truths and perennially missed opportunities.

The situation is truly dire but it is not without hope. In the words of Justin Mohamed: “It’s broader than justice …We are looking at the things that make our young people resilient.”

Watch the full forum below:


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