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Capacity Building for the Management Team of the Indonesian International Islamic University

Capacity Building for the Management Team of the Indonesian International Islamic University

In 2022, Tetra Tech’s International Development Group contracted Deakin University to support the development of a new Indonesian university, the Indonesian International Islamic University (IIIU). This university was only established in 2016 and is situated in Depok, outside of Jakarta.

About the Project

Under the Australia Awards, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade aimed to connect IIIU with Australian universities. The Australia Awards provide prestigious international scholarships and short courses that offer the next generation of global leaders opportunities to undertake study, research, and professional development in Australia. Short courses are a key component of the Australia Awards program in Indonesia. To support the IIIU, the Australian Government awarded 25 Australia Awards under its short courses scheme to IIIU management, academics and staff.

Deakin University was selected to deliver a short course tailored to the needs of the IIIU. This course allowed participants to benchmark how Australian universities manage their internationalisation, financial governance and information technology provision. The course aimed to develop institutional links between the IIIU and leading Australian universities. The course further aimed to ensure that Australia remains a trusted partner of Indonesia. This course was one way to connect Australian universities with the IIIU and support the capacity of the university’s Australia Award participants.

The project had various online and in-person components including mentoring for IIIU participants and capacity building through two workshops in Indonesia and a two-week course in Australia.

  • Pre-course workshop at the IIIU campus (26-28 July 2022): This workshop was led by Prof. Akbarzadeh and Dr. Ahmed from Deakin and aimed at providing course-related information to the IIIU participants in addition to understanding their needs/expectations from the course.
  • Course in Australia (15-26 August 2022): For this two-week course, IIIU participants came to Australia to learn about how top Australian universities operate in terms of internationalization, information technology, and financial management. The IIIU delegation visited Deakin University, the University of Melbourne, RMIT, Australia Catholic University, Monash University, the Australian National University, and the University of Sydney.
  • Post-course workshop at the IIIU campus (13-14 December 2022): Prof. Akbarzadeh and Dr. Ahmed led this workshop that mainly focused on the implementation of award projects by the IIIU participants.


Professor Shahram Akbarzadeh:

Dr Zahid Ahmed:

Pre-Course Workshop, 26-28 July 2022, IIIU Campus in Depok, Indonesia.




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