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Online anti-racism for Australia

Online anti-racism for Australia

This project analyses a subset of online anti-racism campaigns.

Harmful manifestations of online racism are increasing. The neo-liberal assumption is that social media users and user groups can be responsiblised to disrupt online racism. This project analyses a subset of online anti-racism campaigns. The review provides the material to test effectiveness, using surveys. The survey findings will identify the ingredients for effective, safe and efficient online anti-racism intervention. An online anti-racism program will be developed, implemented and evaluated. The development of guidelines for online anti-racism will overtly address the challenges and risks of action in this environment where regulation is so heavily contested.


Dr Jehonathan Ben

Professor Yin Paradies (ADI, Deakin)

Professor Kevin Dunn (WSU)

Dr Alanna Kamp (WSU)

Associate Professor Tristan Kennedy (Monash)

Associate Professor Nida Denson (WSU)

Professor Craig McGarty (WSU)

Dr Mandy Truong (Monash)

Dr Rachel Sharples (WSU).

Project Funding

This project is funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC).


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