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Photography and Reconciliation: the Ngarrindjeri and the SA Museum

Photography and Reconciliation: the Ngarrindjeri and the SA Museum

The project aims to recover, curate and exhibit a large archive of photographs of national significance created by Aboriginal photographers in the mid-20th century. Working with Ngarrindjeri custodians and the South Australian Museum, it expects to raise the status and diversity of Aboriginal voices in Australian visual culture and public life, undertaking a process of healing. Cultural revitalisation and generational learning via the creation of a Living Archive and public exhibition are expected outcomes. Benefits include ensuring longevity of endangered heritage, broadening knowledge of south-eastern Aboriginal lives and contributing new evidence to better understand the correlation between cultural revitalisation and community wellbeing.


Dr Bep Uink

Dr Jonathan Bullen

Dr Rebecca Bennett

Gregory Martin

A/Prof Ashleigh Lin

Ms Jenna Woods

Prof Yin Paradies


This project is funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC).


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