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Shared Histories, Entangled Knowledges

Girl looking at fish

Shared Histories, Entangled Knowledges

Project Description

Shared Histories, Entangled Knowledges brings together a highly acclaimed cross-cultural and interdisciplinary team of national and international experts who are working together on a historical fish collection. The team includes and is governed by Menang knowledge holders and Elders, and is partnered with leading international and national cultural institutions: National Museums Scotland, the Natural History Museum in London, Deakin University, the University of Western Australia, the City of Albany, the National Museum of Australia and the Western Australian Museum. We have been funded to produce a package of content relating to the collection to be drawn on for an exhibition, associated book and symposium, various site activation projects such as a walking trail, light display and curriculum development. These outputs will be produced to commemorate the Bicentenary of colonization in Albany, in 2026.

Fish stores at the Natural History

Photo taken by Tiffany Shellam in the fish stores at the Natural History Museum, London: Lester Coyne (Menang Elder), Dr Glenn Moore (Curator of Fishes at WA Museum), Shona Coyne (Senior Indigenous Curator at National Museum of Australia)

Project Team

Project Funding

This project is funded by the City of Albany.


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