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The UBUNTU Youth Empowerment Program

The UBUNTU Youth Empowerment Program

Project Description

Professor Stephane Shepherd from the Alfred Deakin Institute will lead the program of research which will evaluate specific initiatives designed and carried out by Afri-Auscare, a not-for-profit service delivery provider in the South-East of Melbourne that works with African-Australian young people and their families.

Afri-Auscare programming includes several streams: counselling, family strengthening, employment, housing and accommodation, sport, and leadership activities. Specifically, the work aims to explore the perceived effectiveness of these programs which were designed to assist young African-Australians exiting youth justice correctional facilities.

The research will ascertain the outcomes, cultural responsiveness, strengths and limitations of the program which will assist in identifying best practice interventions for young justice-involved culturally and linguistically diverse populations. In particular the work will identify key strengths, pro-social factors and program needs (i.e. what works) that are associated with successful transition away from youth custody.

Project Team

Stephane Shepherd

Stephane Shepherd

Project Funding

This project is funded by Afri-Aus Care Inc (in partnership with Paul Ramsay Foundation).


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