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Understanding Target Selection in the Victorian Context

Understanding Target Selection in the Victorian Context

Project Description

Despite a significant increase in studies exploring aspect of terrorist target selection over the past decade, significant gaps in knowledge continue to exist. This makes it difficult for Australian security agencies, counter terrorism practitioners and policy makers alike to draw definitive conclusions to inform decision making. This is particularly the case in the state of Victoria, where the specificities of local context ranging from multiculturalism, geographic dispersal, and history to a grid-based city, transport options, and specific approaches to safeguarding against terrorism have little relation to the use of sometimes dated and incomplete overseas datasets and studies. This project, led by Josh Roose with international colleagues, aims to provide a comprehensive evidence base and in-depth analysis of terrorist target selection in the State of Victoria, Australia. 

Project Team

A/Prof Josh Roose

Project Funding

This project is funded by the Department of Justice and Community Safety.


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