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Wyndham’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: Planning for a Digital Future

Wyndham’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: Planning for a Digital Future

Project Description

Deakin University and Wyndham City Council are collaborating to assess and enhance Wyndham City’s Business Start-up/Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, with a particular focus on SPARK – Wyndham City’s Innovation Hub. This initiative aims to align with state and federal objectives for a digital future and explore practical pathways for innovation.

In today’s digital era, the role of local governance is increasingly important in developing entrepreneurial ecosystems that support broad digital goals. SPARK Innovation Hub is central to these efforts in Wyndham City, designed to encourage creativity, collaboration, and entrepreneurship within the community. It offers resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities for start-ups and entrepreneurs, contributing to the region’s economic and technological development.

The collaboration seeks to strengthen Wyndham City Council’s entrepreneurial ecosystem by identifying and addressing challenges faced by start-ups and considering strategic technological improvements. By working with Deakin University, the partnership aims to improve decision-making processes and establish SPARK as a key component of the city’s digital transformation strategy. This effort leverages the university’s expertise to enhance the ecosystem’s effectiveness and reach.

The project will use both qualitative and quantitative research to evaluate the potential of Wyndham’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem to drive economic growth and promote innovation throughout the community. The goal is to provide insights that will help maintain the ecosystem’s responsiveness and forward-thinking approach in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

Project Team

A/Prof Toija Cinque 

Professor Gjoko Muratovski

Project Funding

This project is funded by Wyndham City Council.


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