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Analysis of the causes, nature and capacities for peace in Myanmar's Rohingya Muslim – Rakhine Buddhist conflict

This project will analyse the complex conflict between the national Burmese government, the “Rohingya” Muslims and the local Buddhist in Rakhine state, Myanmar, in light of the country's historic political, and economic transition.


It will address three interrelated questions that present key challenges for the framing of conflict analysis in Rakhine:

  1. How to interpret the complex interplay of sectarian, communal and separatist elements to the conflict;

  2. How the notions of identity and territory effect perceptions of the conflict

  3. How limitations and variance in local capabilities and capacities for peace impact on peacemaking and peacebuilding.

This study will produce new knowledge about the causes and drivers in the Rakhine conflict by examining the interdependence between indigenous and non-indigenous institutions with regard to conflict resolution in the region. It will thus contribute towards transitional peacebuilding and security.

This will be the first study of its kind with extensive fieldwork that will include gathering the most extensive data from local communities across all townships (local government districts) conducted to date, giving a geographic mapping of data currently non-existent in the literature.