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Conflict analysis and peacebuilding in Rakhine State, Myanmar

This project is a research component of a much larger development programme being implemented by the Australian NGO Graceworks Myanmar Inc (GWM) in Rakhine State of Myanmar—the site of significant conflict between the ‘Rohingya’ Muslims, local Rakhine Buddhists, and the Burmese State.

This research is providing GWM with three things:

  1. Detailed research into the conflict dynamics, including the wider sociopolitical and economic dynamics in Rakhine State;

  2. Action research into the project’s arts-based peacebuilding activities, particularly exploring how to address trauma and counter prejudiced narratives at the village level; and

  3. Assessment of progress in fostering a desire for peaceful coexistence, empathy for the plight of Muslims in need, a conviction of respecting human rights and bridge building with Muslims.

This research will thus both enhance the effectiveness of a significant development programme by a respected agency, while also generating new knowledge about development programming in conflict-affected situations anywhere in the world.

Project Funding

This project is funded by research partner Graceworks Myanmar Inc.