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Cultural diversity and the arts

Lack of representation and recognition of culturally diverse voices in the arts is a recurring public issue.

For the arts, increasing the participation of artists from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds adds new voices thus broadening the scope for creative and artistic expression leading to greater creativity. For civil society more generally, a free and open space for expression of diverse ideas builds social cohesion and democratic participation.

In 2012 Diversity Arts Australia (formerly Kultour) and ADI formed a partnership to:

  • Develop and deliver a research framework to inform and guide the development of the national evidence base for cultural diversity in the arts; and

  • In consultation with Diversity Arts Australia (Kultour), develop an audit tool to measure the cultural diversity in the arts in Australia.

Our team

Professor Fethi Mansouri 
Professor Yin Paradies 
Associate Professor Danny Ben-Moshe

Project funding

Kultour (Diversity Arts Australia)

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