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Evaluation of the social cohesion, young people and multiculturalism project

Researchers are working to evaluate the 'Social Cohesion, Young People and Multiculturalism' project, which is being run by the Centre for Multicultural Youth (CMY) in two areas of rapid growth and high immigrant concentration in metropolitan Melbourne, the City of Wyndham and the City of Casey.

The project aims to increase opportunities for inter-community connections, for young people's participation in social and community life, and for strengthening the leadership capabilities of young people from diverse backgrounds. In effect, the aim is to create both the bridging and bonding community relationships that underpin social cohesion. Local community conversations, skills training, and the involvement of young people in collaborative 'youth action groups' are the key elements in the project's methodology.

The evaluation will cover each of these three elements, establishing the project's impact in facilitating social cohesion and offering a model for application in other Local Government Areas (LGAs). Impact will be measured against a set of community cohesion indicators.


Professor Fethi Mansouri 
Associate Professor Danny Ben-Moshe 
Dr Victoria Stead

Project funding

This is a partnership with the Centre for Multicultural Youth.