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Experiences and perspectives of Koreans in Australia and New Zealand

This project analyses the lives of Korean migrants who were born or grew up in Australia and New Zealand (including adoptees), the role that they play in their host societies, their connections with the Korean community and with the Korean homeland, and the formation of their identities.

The project has five sub-goals:

  1. It explores how people with Korean backgrounds understand Australia as a place to live, and their experiences as migrants, children of migrants, or as adoptees.

  2. It focuses on the circumstances of Koreans who have migrated to Australia, especially the 1.5 and second generations, and analyses their roles and positions in Australian society.

  3. It seeks to understand how Korean migrants understand their personal and group identities.

  4. It discusses the possibility of the new generation of Korean migrants operating as a distinctive group, and of forming connections with their original country.

  5. It analyses the experiences of Korean adoptees in Australia in terms of processes of identity and belonging, their perspectives on adoption-related issues, connections to Korea and birth family, and activism/participation in issues related to Korea and/or adoption.

The project will explore the experiences of each generation of Korean migrants/adoptees in Australia, the diversity within those experiences, and also the social-structural context which surrounds those experiences. Furthermore, we focus on various aspects of the lives of the new generation of Korean migrants and explore the factors that influence the formation of Korean migrants’ identities, behaviours and sense of belonging in relation to intersecting issues of race, culture, religion, gender, and sexuality, among other social factors.


project team

Chonnam National University
Gyung Sook Lee

University of Auckland
Changzoo Song

Changwon National University
Kyounghee Moon
Donggyu Shin

Migration Research Training Centre of the International Organisation for Migration
Chang Won Lee
Seori Lee

Project funding

This project is funded by the Academy of Korean Studies (AKS).