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Intergenerational relations in new arrival communities in Victoria

The Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria (ECCV) commissioned the Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation to undertake exploratory research to examine the nature of relations between parents and adolescents in newly arrived migrant communities in Victoria as they negotiate the challenges of migration, settlement and integration.

While coming of age is often a difficult period for young people and their families, the findings highlight how this is compounded for newly arrived migrant youth and their parents due to the challenges of the migration experience. The findings raise a number of policy and practice considerations for those working with these families and their communities. In particular, in detailing social, cultural and financial challenges, the findings highlight the importance of integrated policy and service provisions which understand and address the intergenerational strain placed on newly - arrived migrant families within their broader context.

It also clearly recommends meaningful family and community involvement in creating and enacting policy and practice solutions.

To understand young people’s pressures and vulnerabilities it is important to listen to stories that connect parents with children and between extended families overseas and migrant communities in Victoria.
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Our team

Professor Fethi Mansouri
Associate Professor Danny Ben Moshe 
Dr Amelia Johns