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Qualitative End User Evaluation: Integrated Law Enforcement

This project will determine the perceptions of user-analysts (i.e., specific users within the different police and law enforcement agencies) of the extant information systems used in federal policing and law enforcement and expectations for new information systems proposed by the Data to Decisions Co-operative Research Centre (D2DCRC).

The D2D CRC brings together researchers and industry, to tackle the ‘Big Data’ challenges that face Australia's national security agencies. This project is part of D2DCRC’s Integrated Law Enforcement Research and Development Program.

User perceptions will be captured in relation to the usability and utility of current information systems across a range of operational areas to provide recommendations for designing technical solutions to current problems and satisfy future requirements. The project will also address the broader contextual factors – organisational, policy, etc. – shaping the adoption and acceptance of information systems. The project is multidisciplinary, drawing on various perspectives concerning end user satisfaction, technology acceptance, decision-making, organisational behaviour and criminology.

This project will take stock of user perceptions of information technology to identify the opportunities and constraints of new technologies for federal law enforcement agencies

Project funding

This project is funded by the Data to Decisions Cooperative Research Centre.

Matthew Guy