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Reconstructing Australia's pre-European genetic and cultural past

In this project, researchers will use historic hair samples collected by anthropological expeditions in the early 20th century to generate the first genetic map of Aboriginal Australia.

The map and the detailed contextual and genealogical information from museum archives will assist Aboriginal communities and individuals to reconstruct their personal and family history and trace ancestry and augment oral or written records.

The combination of cutting-edge science, detailed archival research, and a comprehensive family outreach and reporting program will be a step change in assisting Australia's reconciliation process, the Stolen Generation and repatriation of Indigenous remains.

Funding period: 2014–2017


Professor Alan Cooper

Dr Wolfgang Haak

Associate Professor Robert Mitchell

Associate Professor Emma Kowal 

Dr Keryn Walshe

Professor Peter Sutton

Professor David Reich

Professor Simon Easteal

Dr John Stephen

Dr Miguel Vilar

Dr Chris Tyler-Smith.

Administering organisation

The University of Adelaide

Partner organisations:

South Australian Museum

Australian Genome Research Facility

National Geographic Society, USA.

Project Funding

This project is funded by an Australian Research Council Linkage grant.