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Revitalising Multiculturalism via Deliberative Interventions

Australia can no longer be defined by cultural diversity, but rather by what is termed ‘super diversity’ with migrants from Africa, South Asia, East Asia, South East Asia, Europe and New Zealand and a language base of more than 400 languages.

This project considers whether multiculturalism is still a viable empowering social policy or is it necessary, indeed desirable, to consider alternative approaches such as interculturalism as a new way of managing super-diversity?

Using empirical research it sets out to answer three questions:

  1. To what extent does the public perception of multiculturalism reflect its multidimensional Manifestation?

  2. Can a deliberative approach to intercultural dialogue (i.e. deliberative focus groups involving all stakeholders not just minority/migrant groups) engender more positive outcomes?

  3. And does multiculturalism need to be revitalised with a renewed emphasis on the individual citizen’s obligation and capacity to understand and embrace cultural diversity as a two-way relational process?

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Can simple face-to-face intercultural encounters, both incidental and active, lead to increased social-cohesion and a way forward for Multiculturalism?