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Standing up to racism and racial bullying among Australian school students

This project aims to substantially increase understandings of bystander responses (including their extent, nature, potential, merits, benefits, and constraints) as a means of countering racism and racial bullying among Australian school students.

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This aims to be achieved through examining experiences of, attitudes towards, and responses to, racism and racial bullying among school students; identifying health, wellbeing, education and social outcomes of racism and racial bullying for individuals, schools and communities; exploring the enablers and obstacles associated with bystander responses to racism and racial bullying; and by developing and piloting a school-based program to foster bystander responses to racism and racial bullying.


Dr Naomi Priest
Professor Kevin Dunn
Professor Yin Paradies
Dr Jacqueline Nelson
Associate Professor Anne Pedersen
Assistant Professor Philip Curry
Ms Eveline Mouglalis
Ms Marica Stipanovic
Mr Christopher Thompson
Ms Rivkah Nissim

Administering organisation

The Australian National University

Project funding

This is a partnership with the:

  • Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

  • NSW Department of Education and Communities

  • Australian Human Rights Commission