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Understanding the structure and composition of co-offending networks in Australia

Deakin criminologist Dr Chad Whelan, Flinders criminologist Dr David Bright and Prof. Carlo Morselli (University of Montreal) have received a Criminology Research Grant, from the Australian Institute of Criminology, for this research project.

The study aims to:

  1. examine co-offending networks across multiple crime types;

  2. examine variations in co-offending across crime categories;

  3. determine differences in the duration of co-offending networks across crime types;

  4. explore cross-jurisdictional variations in co-offending networks; and

  5. identify implications for law enforcement policy and practice.

It is the first analysis of co-offending in Australia and the first in the world to analyse co-offending networks using three levels of cross-sectional network analysis. The project will be completed over 2017-18.

This project will test the hidden power of network analysis to reveal connections that we may never otherwise be able to find.

Our team

Associate Professor Chad Whelan
Associate Professor David Bright (Flinders University)
Professor Carlo Morselli (University of Montreal, Canada)

Project funding

This project is funded by the Australian Institute of Criminology, Criminology Research Grant